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Should I Stay or Should I Leave

I feel trapped inside me

I can’t decide where I should be 

I want to be with you 

But I feel we are history

I don’t want to kick your will your down 

Yet if you won’t let me help you then you obviously don’t need me 

I don’t want you to explain yourself to me

Just tell me what you want from me 

Stay or Leave me 

Almost Over

I have been waiting four months to love you. 

I couldn’t wait for your return. 

A time when I can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste you. 

Now that the time is here I don’t want it. 

I am so afraid what will happen to us. 

Yet, i shouldn’t be, because I really don’t need you. 

However, I just want you to much. 

I Feel like I’m wasting my love on you 

Except if I didn’t love you then I love no one.


I think of you unhealthful inside my head

Even when I lay in another guys bed

I am still hooked to your fake love

Especially when they put on a glove

I know you probably don’t love me

Its okay though because you should hate me

Cause I am Sult/Salt

I wished I had

I wished I had never lived 

I wished I had never had a medical condition 

I wished I had never made myself different 

I wished I had never grew up 

I wished I never thought about you

I wished I had never been jealous

I wished I had never tried so hard 

I wished I had never loved you

I wished I had never kissed you

I wished I had never had to say Good Bye


I Wish I Knew Just What Your Thinking!

I Mean Am I Important To You?

Was I Just Night. 

That’s How I feel Maybe Even A Mistake. 

You Probably Don’t Like Me. 

That Night I Was Easy or You Were Tried Of Telling Me No I Don’t Like You. 

I Mean Who Would Stop Someone If They Were Gonna Give Them Feel Good About Themselves. 

Everyone Wants To Be Loved and Sometimes Even If Its Not Real Love. 

Yes I Just Wanted You To See Were I Was. 

I Just Wish I Knew What Your Thinking!


Why can’t one person tell me the truth 

At this point it doesn’t matter how much they hurt

Because lies i hear keep running through my head

Their whispers in my ears 

Reminders of my fears

Creators of the night that eat me whole

Reasons for these tears 

Keeps me wishing for death

Man your lucky I’m just still here

Some Nights

Some Nights it rains like Tonight

Tonight I wonder 

I wonder about us

Us as how much I miss you 

Miss you like I have to cry myself to sleep

Sleep as if I can do that 

That good bye we never had

had I ever loved you 

You yes but Love me 

Me no you just Pretended

Just Pretended Some Nights 

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